Tuesday, May 21

Mana Wāhine Kōrero ‘Voices for Children’ Parliamentary Petition

Following our successful ‘Voices for Children’ rally outside Parliament on Halloween 2023, Mana Wāhine Korero have initiated this petition in the hope that our new government will listen where the previous did not, and answer New Zealanders’ questions about gender ideology. Please sign and share! 

Sign here: https://petitions.parliament.nz/bf32a30e-1750-43b3-67c7-08dbcdd375ca/sign

  • Why should the public have to pay for expensive elective and experimental surgeries for adults where there is no demonstrable benefit to their health? 
  • How much money is being spent on gender ideology across our ministries? 
  • Why are our children being taught to think that they can change their sex if they don’t like their bodies? 
  • Why are public health services offering free breast binders, knowing that they damage the developing breasts of young girls? 
  • Why are boys being encouraged to call girls menstruators and use their bathrooms if they ‘feel like a girl’ at school? 
  • Why are parents able to be punished under law if we do not ‘affirm’ our children as the opposite sex, while mental health professionals tell us that our children will kill themselves if we don’t? Why has the government suddenly decided to remove parents’ rights and concerns from consideration? 
  • Why is our government not keeping up with the clear concerns of other progressive nations who have stopped routinely administering puberty blockers to their children in the face of serious side effects and terrible outcomes?
  • Will the 54th Parliament commit to NOT lowering the age for ‘gender affirming surgery?”

What we saw at our Halloween rally is that parents from every area of our society are standing up, coming together even when we agree on little else, and saying “No” to gender ideology in our schools and public services. Puberty blockers are not medicine. Gender surgeries are not life-saving. Sexuality education for children is grooming. We want answers. 

Dianne Landy and Michelle Uriarau
Mana Wāhine Kōrero